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20 Excuses We’ve All Heard From Guys Who Weren’t Into Us

20 Excuses We’ve All Heard From Guys Who Weren’t Into Us
I remember reading an interview Scarlett Johansson did with Cosmo back in April. She was talking about chasing some guy who was “forever unavailable… but, like, so attractively unavailable.”
Added: 13 September, 2016
She went on to talk about how she’d wait outside of bars trying to get a hold of him while her friends were inside waiting, and how she’d take a cab to go find him at God knows what time of night.

The point was, he just wasn’t into her. And she had to accept it and move on.

I remember reading this interview and LOLing.

First of all, who in their right mind is rejecting Scarlett Johansson?

Second, if we’re living in a world where Beyoncé gets cheated on and Scarlett Johansson is getting rejected outside of bars, literally ALL of us are going to be rejected at one point or another.

And with every dumb rejection, comes an even dumber excuse.

So, read along and take a trip down memory lane as we go through 20 of the most bullshit excuses guys have used to reject us.
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Sep 13, 2016 | 9:01:31
very iteresting! Thansk for article!
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